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Job Interview

5 Surprising Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

At least you thought you did. Your performance at the job interview was stellar. You were convinced the company would be calling with the job offer any day. Yet, you never heard from the hiring manager again and a standard email notification arrives announcing that you didn’t get the gig. …
Job Interview

8 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Before a Job Interview

These feelings are all normal to have in hours the leading up to a job interview. However, such signs of nervousness can devastate you chances of getting your dream job. Here are eight ways to nix the pre-interview jitters and boost your confidence: Try a Power Pose Social psychologist and …
Job Interview

8 Tips to Master Job Interview Presentations

Being asked to make a presentation during job interviews has become more common as hiring companies seek to assess candidates’ ability to make presentations as part of their selection process. Most of the time, employers are asking you to present so that they can assess your communication and persuasion skills, …