How to Share Other People’s Articles on LinkedIn

Have you ever come across an interesting article online, either on a web site or in an e-newsletter, and wished that you could share it with your LinkedIn network? You can … and it’s so easy to do.

Here’s how:

  • Find an article online either on a web site or in an e-newsletter.
  • Click on the headline (which is typically a live link).
  • Click your cursor into the browser window (the web address box). Doing so highlights the entire web address of the article.
  • Copy the web link. To copy the web address on a PC computer, click Control C; on a Mac computer, click Command C.
  • Paste the web address into your LinkedIn home page’s “Share an update” box. On a PC, click Control V to paste the web link into the box; on a Mac computer, click Command V.
  • Once the story appears (usually with its related image), delete the web address (the story won’t disappear) and then add a quick comment like, “Interesting article!” or “I disagree with this article because …”
  • Sometimes you will have the option to select which image that you prefer. Pick the image that best represents the article.
  • You will have the option to “Share with the Public”, or to share with “Public + Twitter”, or just your “Connections”. The default setting is “Public”.
  • Click Share.

Voila! The article will appear on your home page where your connections and others can view it when they scroll through entries.

An even easier way

If the article includes social media buttons, the process is even easier. Simply click the LinkedIn “in” icon found either on the top, bottom or side of the article and the system will automatically place your article on your LinkedIn “Share an update” box so that you can share a comment and post it on LinkedIn.

You will also have the option to post the article to select LinkedIn groups or to send it to individuals.

When you click the “Post to groups” option, you can start typing the name of a group into the box and the system will recognize it. Actually just type a letter of the alphabet and the system will bring up all of your groups starting with that letter. Be sure to only post into groups that would find the article relevant.

When you select the “Send to individuals” option, you can start to type the names of connections who you want to send it to and the system will eventually recognize their names.

Why share other people’s articles?

It’s an easy way for you to build a reputation as a thought leader on the subjects that you share which could be beneficial for you whether you are using LinkedIn for business or career.

It can also help you further the reach of the author’s message. Most writers appreciate those who spread their message and many are glad to share articles that you write in response.

And because you are sharing the actual article with all of its editorial and photographic image approvals built in, you usually can share such articles without copyright infringement concerns.

Just make sure to read if there are any special sharing limitations posted on the original article before sharing.

Share people’s articles on LinkedIn! It can help you be perceived as a thought leader in your field or industry … and that can help you … Get a Job!