Four Signals A Penny Stock Is Going To Rise

If you are a smart investor, you rely on a lot more than just a tip from your uncle before you invest in a stock. Since penny stocks have the reputation of being slightly more risky than regular stocks, most people need quite a bit of evidence that a penny stock is going to be a sound investment before they are willing to part with their hard earned money. Here are a few of the major signs you want to look for before you fork over your cash and invest in a hot new penny stock.


Since the technology that governs our 24/7 world is always updating, always refreshing and always searching for the next big story, it is almost impossible for any stock, penny or otherwise, to hit it big without a groundswell of buzz preceding it.

Before the news organizations can begin talking about Penny Stock A, you hear people on websites chattering about it, your broker may call you and alert you about a possible investment opportunity or you may hear something from a friend at work.

The problem with buzz is that there is nothing concrete behind it, only speculation. If you are making your stock investment decisions based solely on buzz, than you need to take a second look at what you are doing before you end up in the poor house.


The next signal a penny stock to watch is going to increase in value is a flood of good news. When you look at the continuum of stock evolution, concrete news is always the next step along the line after solid buzz.

The rumors that a stock was about to receive government approval come true and, often times, penny stock prices begin to take off that very day, but sometimes, there is a small delay as more and more people realize the potential this penny stock has. This is a good time to get ready to buy.

Spike In Activity

While it is always good to get in at the point where the stock price is the lowest, it is also risky because you never know if you are going to be the only one buying when everyone else is selling.

Once you begin to see genuine forward momentum on a stock that didn’t have it before, than you know it is a good time to buy.

The trick here is to get in just as the stock price begins to rise. In the olden days, stock tickers weren’t quite what they are today. Now, monitoring stocks is much simpler than it was before, so getting in while the getting is good is easy.

Universal Praise

If you see that your penny stock is making headlines in the financial press and receiving universal praise from analysts across the board, the stock price has likely already begun going up, but it isn’t too late to get in on the fun, especially if forecasters are predicting big things for your penny stock in the future.

There are many signals that a penny stock to watch is going to be increasing in value, the key is to know when to buy and when to show restraint.