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How Bad Credit Cash Loans Helped My Business

When I was little, I liked spending my time creating jewellery with all sorts of fabric and accessories I could find at home and this passion endured throughout my teenage years. Therefore, it came as no surprise when, ten years later, I told all my friends that I would be opening my own handmade jewellery business. I had plenty of ideas, a lot of motivation and the dream to make a name for myself in the industry. Everyone was happy for me and I was excited with my decision that I could feel I could do anything. The only ones that bummed me out were my parents who, though supportive, warmed me about my limited budget. I did not give their warning much thought.

After all, I was spending most of my time reading about visionary entrepreneurs and people who had managed to be successful in spite of all obstacles. Six months after launching my business, I realised that I should have listened more closely, as I discovered that making profit did not require only talent and hard work, but also a financial investment that I was not yet ready for. As a student, I had to make do with a limited monthly budget and it all went well for a few months, until I discovered that I did not have enough money to buy the materials needed to make jewellery. Fortunately, I found out about bad credit cash loans and managed to give my business a boost.

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The most obvious solution for my problems was a loan. I didn’t even need a huge sum of money, but the banks I went to did not approve, because I was a student and they didn’t find my full-time job stable enough. I wasted weeks gathering documents and talking to analysis, getting the same refusal every time. When I had already given up all hope, I was told about bad credit cash loans. The idea seemed very peculiar at first.

After spending weeks in banks, the thought of a bad credit loan seemed like a dream come true. However, ID88 decided to give it a go and talk to the company to see what they could do for me. I am glad I did, because they accepted my loan in a matter of days! I had a car to offer as guarantee for the loan, so everything went well and the company was very professional.

I did not get a huge loan, but what I got was enough to stock up on crafting supplies and replace some of the cheaper materials I used with higher quality, more expensive ones. The investment was worth it, because my small company started to grow and now I am proud to say that I have three employees who help with design and manufacturing. The road to success was not easy, but I’m glad I came across bad credit cash loans, because otherwise I would have had to shut down by business and give up on a childhood dream.

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